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Happy Mew Year!

Posted on Saturday, Jan 4, 2020|

It’s 2020 now and time for a past year recap!

Big highlight is reaching over 100 sales on my Etsy after releasing new merch this year. I’m super thankful for everyones support and hoping to release a few more things in 2020.

Another highlight is contributing two illustrations for the Invisible Illness: Depression Anthology on Kickstarter. Along with more than 30 artists the campaign was a success and became fully funded! Books and merch will be sent out this following March. Find the project here. I also partook in Spooky & Spice Zine. This was a charity zine that benefitted Shriners hospital. You can find my contributions for the kickstarter and this zine in my Gallery.

That’s everything and have a happy mew year!
Meowing out!

From 2018 to 2019!

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 7, 2019|

It's a new year and I'm here for a long over due update!
Here are some things I've been up to in 2018!
New piece in Traditional tab for: Cedar Valley PrideFest Exhibit Entry "Purr-ide."
New piece in Design gallery: Anime Iowa Buu-Chan's Art Forum Contest.
New pieces in Comission tab: E-commerce icon cats, Luna Trainer, and Artemis Trainer.
(Check out Alex Jolly's & Marissia Jackson's cosplay pages through Luna & Artemis links!)
New Pieces in Illustration gallery: Witch Cat, Cat of Swords, Christmas Cats, and Moonzine Zine Submission. (Find moonzine issues here)
I’ve also helped with two projects; painting rain barrels and a drain site in my hometown!
Find both here: Rain Barrel & Storm Drain

Currently running my own Etsy store for my enamel pins and stickers!
Rolling out new merch this new year with new pins and magnets, check it out here

Hope everyone is ready for the New Year!
Meowing out!


Posted on Monday, Oct 15, 2017|

Happy Halloween month!
Here to update on all I've been doing this year.
First, my Illustrations gallery has a Digital and Traditional tab for separating my works.
Along with my Commissions and Fanart.
I've completed a commission for Macro Lindstrøm. Find here.
New piece in my Illustration gallery: Cedar Valley Pride Exhibit Entry "Gender Fluid."
New piece in Fanart tab: Anime Iowa Buu-chan's Art Forum Contest. (third place winner)
New piece in Traditional tab: Darker Days Death Zine Entry, "Cat Reaper." (follow here) New piece in my Commissions tab: Monster Burger for Brain Mckann. (follow him here)
Old piece, but new to Sketch page: A Pawculiar Cuteness Entry, "Memories."
(Etsy shop here 50% proceeds will be donated to Toronto Humane Society)

Last, I'm over on Instagram partaking in Drawtober! Drawtober is a month long event where everyday you create something in conjunction with a prompt. My goal is to make all my prompts cat related as possible! Check it out and find the official Drawtober profile here!

That's everything for now!
Meowing out!

The Spooktacular Update

Posted on Sunday, Oct 9, 2016|

Long time no update, but here what's up!!
I've added a Commission and fanart page to separate my works now.
Back in July I was apart of a kickstarter called, Enough Space for Everyone Else Anthology.
It was completely funded and is in production! Check out the campaign here.
I've also contributed to 4 zines this year: Ready, Set, Go!: Animal Crossing Sport fanzine, Shellfie: A Splatoon fanzine, "BERSERK: Domains of Struggle” Zine, and Prepare To Fight: a pokevillian fanzine.
Plus took part again in the Cedar Valley Pridefest Exhibit, find it on Tumblr!
Last I entered in AI Buu-Chan forum Art Contest (find in fanart section) and AnimeIowa Exhibit showcasing my Berserk zine piece.

Halloween is right around the corner hope everyone has a spooktacular time!
Meowing out!

Coming Back Spooky

Posted on Sunday, Nov 22, 2015|

Now here is the rundown:

My Nekomata Halloween piece, Anime Iowa Art Exhibit Entry and Cricket commissions
for Tim Phalzgraph are located here. Look at previous post for links to his FB.
Find AI Buu-Chan Art Contest entry and CVP Art Show entry and here.
Last I was recently apart of the Pinned Exhibit done by Glitter Milk Gallery.
Make sure to look at their lovely shop with artwork from past exhibits for purchase!
Please also take a peek of my contribution pin along with there Insta page.

Well, that wraps things up for now.
Meowing out.

More August Happenings

Posted on Sunday, August 17, 2014|

Another small update!
I will be participating in my towns Cedar Valley PrideFest Art Exhibit!
The first year of attending CVP I was inspired and created my own poster piece.
Now it's going to be displayed in their first ever art exhibit of 2014.
Find it on my design page (be sure to click through) and here's a pic from my towns
newspaper. If anyone is interesting in learning more about our CVP click here.
Plus I created a pool league t-shirt graphic commission for my father found here.
That's all I got.
Meowing out!

Summer Art Journey

Posted on Wednesday, August 6, 2014|

I've been busy, but I'm back with a few things to share!
This will be a small run down of what's going on:

Won second place in Buu-Chan’s Pirate Adventure Art Contest on the Anime Iowa forums. Plus I participated in Anime Iowa's Art Exhibit with this print! I'm also apart of the Gorillaz FanZine! Check out the lovely artist who put this together found here along with her artwork/comics! Last I've created my first more professionalized commission! Located here you can see the mini process I go through from sketch to color. If you're curious about his works click this (he's a really cool guy trust me) and send me a email if you'd like a commission.

I took a Fashion Illustration Basics class with my final project located here and an Intro to Color Theory class with my project here. All final images will be located on my website.
Hopefully more updates to come!
Meowing out!

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